PrevaMatt Series

PrevaMatt Series

Portfolio of foam mattresses for pressure ulcer prevention

The PrevaMatt® series of foam mattresses are designed for comfort and safety all while providing pressure ulcer prevention. The expanded portfolio gives healthcare Providers a range of options to improve outcomes, reduce risks to both the caregiver and patient, and meet financial objectives. The series features a greener and more sustainable portfolio of products that are higher quality and manufactured with fewer chemicals and with plant based materials. The surfaces also feature modification of the foam properities to improve patient comfort and pressure redistribution while improving durability of the mattress.


  • Improve Clinical Outcomes: Excellent pressure redistribution aids in wound prevention
  • Reduce Risk of Injury: Standard safety features reduce fall risk and promote mobility
  • Enhance Economics: Broad and diverse portfolio designed for quality and durability
  • Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF™) process provides greatest consistency and highest quality mattress
  • Open cell memory foam technology allows greater air flow resulting in more breathability and a cooler, drier patient experience
  • Firm perimeter provides edge of bed stability and aids ingress and egress
  • Optional raised perimeter aids in fall prevention and reduces risk of entrapment
  • Guaranteed to meet the guidelines set forth in the Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guidance to Reduce Entrapment when used with Joerns bed frame

Clinical Indications

  • Recommended for prevention and treatment of up to Stage II pressure ulcers.


  • Length Options:  76", 80", 84"
  • Width Options:  35", 36", 39", 42"
  • Weight Capacity  500 lbs. (Basic - 300 lbs.)
  • Mattress Weight Average 23 lbs. depending on configuration
  • Regulatory Compliance  TB 117-2013, TB 129, 16 CFR 1633 and BFD IX-11