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3/12/2014 12:00:00 PM


Joerns Healthcare Sells Furnishings Business to Akin Industries

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 12, 2014 – Joerns Healthcare (Joerns) announced that it has sold its
Furnishings business to Akin Industries (Akin). The Joerns Furnishings portfolio includes its legacy
healthcare furnishings as well as best-in-class brands, Akin and American of Martinsville.

“Joerns has refined our corporate strategy to focus exclusively on Prevention and Healing solutions,
which include rental services and the sale of bed frames, therapeutic support surfaces, negative
pressure wound therapy and patient handling products. As a result, the Design and Furnishings
business no longer aligns with our strategy,” said Senior Vice President, Mark Hostak. “The
furnishings category has been an important part of the Joerns heritage and it was essential we find
the right partner with a vested interest in serving the many loyal customers Joerns has worked with
over several decades.”

The well-known and respected products that have been a part of the Joerns Healthcare business
for many years will continue to be available through Akin. Mike Akin formed the company to
specialize in the furnishings business and house the new portfolio of products.

“Akin Industries has enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Joerns Healthcare for the past six years,”
said Mike Akin. “We are a family owned company and the ‘Akin’ name has been associated with the
long-term care furnishings business for over 25 years. We look forward to continuing the tradition by
serving our faithful customers with products that meet or exceed their expectations.”

About Akin Industries
Akin has been a leader in the healthcare, hospitality, and university housing furniture industry for
nearly 30 years. With two domestic manufacturing facilities, Akin has the capability to meet
customer’s needs quickly and effectively. Akin has a robust product offering, along with custom
capabilities, that gives them the flexibility to adapt to consumer needs. For more information visit or call Akin at 1-800-395-2981.

About Joerns Healthcare
Joerns is focused on improving patient and caregiver experiences, placing the well being of others
at the center of everything we do. To maximize the performance of our customers, we bring to
market fully integrated services and technologies that provide the highest quality and represent the
greatest value. The company utilizes its category-focused advisors to diagnose, assess and
implement services and products that address clients’ challenges. Headquartered in Charlotte,
North Carolina with operations across North America and Europe, Joerns delivers solutions
throughout the healthcare continuum by leveraging its global supply chain and service network.

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